"No more rocking Ben back to sleep every 2 hours because he sleeps all night..."

"... Lockdown and sleep deprivation were too much! Suzy gave us an easy and flexible plan and it really worked!"

Oscar, 8 month old, Kent

"Our day started at 4.30am and it was awful. Suzy's advice has done the trick..."

"... We now start our day regularly at 6.45. At last, life is back to normal"

Katy, 2 yr old, Switzerland

"What Suzy doesn't know about newborn babies isn't worth knowing!..."

"She was available around the clock with sensible advice and much-needed reassurance. She is a parent 'whisperer!' "

Martina, 7 day old, Essex

"Our Paediatrician recommended Suzy to us. Her sleep plan was ..."

"...easy to follow and flexible. No more all-night bed swapping! We all sleep well in our respective beds."

Natasha, 4 year old, U.K.

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Virtual Consultations | Members Club

Suzy’s goal is always to help you teach your infant to sleep better right now, but also to give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle potential future sleep ‘hiccups’.  Following each consultation call, you will be provided with a written summary of the advice offered so that you don’t necessarily have to write notes.


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Members Club only

If you are a Club Member who has previously benefitted from Suzy’s ‘in-home’ advice with your infant and you just have a few questions, ‘The Loyal’ call is ideal.  Your loyalty is rewarded for a whole year with an unbeatable rate.  It gives you peace of mind knowing that Suzy will offer you support right up to your infant’s 5th birthday.

Ideal for :

  • Restoring sleep patterns after an illness or holiday etc…
  • Updating a nap routine to a more age-appropriate one
  • Correcting early morning wakings  …
  • Fussy feeding
  • Sibling rivalry

NB: Not suitable for a full, holistic sleep plan, please see Sleep Healing or Sleep Therapy

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The Loyal

  • 30-minute call
  • A brief summary of the advice offered
  • Consultation fee: £50
  • 7 days text support: £35

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All consultation packages are valid for 3 months from the date of your confirmed booking. If, at any point, you decide you need Suzy’s ‘in-person’ support to reach your goal, a 30% loyalty refund off your online package will be put towards the in-home consultation (excluding The Loyal Call).


You are invited to read the Terms and Conditions prior to confirming your booking.

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Have a question about the virtual or Members Club consultations?