Paediatric Psychologists, Doctors and Paediatricians personally use and highly recommend Suzy’s service.

About Suzy

Sleep Certified/Accredited; M.N.T. Sleep, Millpond Sleep Clinic and E.D.S. Paediatric Sleep (annually reviewed)
M.N.T Post Natal Depression & Breastfeeding, The National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare.

Member of The International Paediatric Sleep Association, The British Sleep Society, The World Sleep Society and The Association of Birth & Baby Professionals. First Aid & D.B.S. 2018.

Suzy has been trained by highly renowned experts in their relative fields of paediatric sleep, feeding and newborn care. She learned to have a fully holistic approach to sleep, nutrition and allergies, breastfeeding, postnatal illnesses and more.

At just three years old, Suzy said she would care for babies and children. For the last 30 years, Suzy has worked worldwide with infants from newborn to 8 years.  As a qualified nanny, she worked for a family of five including newborn twins as well as in nurseries and a school. She trained further and gained a solid reputation as one of the top, most experienced Maternity Nurses in the industry. Suzy has worked worldwide, offering advice and support, empowering many hundreds of families. She has always been struck by the overall lack of consistent advice and support for parents in the home environment, just where it’s most needed. Pier support has dramatically decreased, leaving vulnerable parents having to figure it out alone and often turning to the internet for answers.  To fill this void Suzy Lane – The Baby Expert was born. First and foremost her advice makes sense and she has empathy for parents who are struggling.  Suzy goes above and beyond to offer support so that they can really start to enjoy family life and put anxiety and stress behind them.

Suzy takes pride in offering a completely non-judgmental, honest and caring service.

"It was a relief to feel properly supported and get..."

" ... a sensible plan that was manageable for me and my girls."

Alexa (3 under 3yrs) , DUBAI

"Suzy really listened to me, got me to chose what suited us and ...""

"... motivated our daughter to settle in her own bed and she sleeps all night. Best service ever!"

Isabelle, 4 year old, UK

"Suzy is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Her enthusiasm ..."

"... is infectious. She is full of wise words and we learned more about our son's sleep and feeding needs than we ever thought possible in just five days."

Xin Yi, 7 month old, Singapore

"Suzy came to us for 72 hours and gave us the emotional support ..."

“ ... we needed. My wife and I had been struggling for months and existing on almost no sleep. We learned so much and she literally gave us back our lives.”

Daniel, twins 6 months old, London

"Suzy inspires trust right from the start. She is a true professional..."

"... and her experience shone through in the intuitive way she approached my daughter."

Mia, 3 year old, London

"Finally co-sleeping is working for us. I was having to feed my daughter..."

"... back to sleep and it took ages. Suzy's gradual approach to getting her to sleep better is magic!"

Samya, 11 month old, UK

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