How to book

a. Read the Terms and Conditions for virtual consultations prior to booking.

b. Complete in full and submit the booking form below and expect to receive an invoice.

c. Send Suzy a text message or email as soon as you have transferred the amount stated on the invoice so that you can receive:

  • A link to the forms you will be required complete and return relevant to your infant
  • Available dates and times for the virtual call.




"Suzy is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Her enthusiasm ..."

"... is infectious. She is full of wise words and we learned more about our son's sleep and feeding needs than we ever thought possible in just five days."

Xin Yi, 7 month old, Singapore

"Suzy inspires trust right from the start. She is a true professional..."

"... and her experience shone through in the intuitive way she approached my daughter."

Mia, 3 year old, London

"My doctor recommended 'The Baby Expert'. Suzy was just as careful about..."

"...our sleep journey as the end result and now we have a healthy, happy little girl who actually sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK