'Twins Blissful Sleep' 6-30 months

Healthy sleep is an invaluable investment into your babies futures

I have worked with more than 60 multiple birth families (newborn to 5 years) and I understand how emotionally and physically exhausting twins care can be. I go above and beyond to get you to a place where sleep, or lack of it, is no longer a daily topic of conversation

Ideal when you need a true professional who:

  • Understands your concerns and gives you only trusted evidence-based options
  • Talks you through the true science behind sleep backed by evidence based research
  • Encourages you to choose the method that suits your parent values
  • Respects your choice of sleep method and works with you to refine it
  • Takes into consideration the whole family including siblings
  • Advises and gives positive encouragement to help you through the plan
  • Congratulates you when you have two infants sleeping peacefully!
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'Twins Blissful Sleep' 6-30 months at a glance:

2/ 12 days & 3 consecutive nights of advice and 'hands-on' support
up to 40-minute virtual call to discuss evidence based sleep coaching options and projects to prepare your little ones for the sleep plan
14 days UNLIMITED post-consultation text support
2 Written summaries: 1. Advice during virtual call 2. The sleep plan + routine
Analysis of each infants history and individual 5 day feed/sleep diaries
Exclusive membership to the BABY EXPERT CLUB (evidence-based studies, sleep/feeding articles, recipes etc.)
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Consultation fee £1,750


24 hours consecutive to the in-home consultation £550
Each 'infant-related' email response during the package period £40
7 days post-consultation text support £40
Each 'infant related' text response before the in-home consultation £5
Consultants availability


Consultations can may place within 7 days to 4 weeks of your booking confirmation. Specific dates are guaranteed on receipt of the a confirmed booking. For further details please see the T&C’s

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'Twins Blissful Sleep' 6-30 months in detail:

40-minute online video call: I will talk you through your options for evidence based sleep coaching and also unique ‘projects’ to help you establish good sleep associations and prepare your babies for the in-home consultation.

Day 1: The consultation starts around 1pm.

I will spend time with you and your little ones observing them and getting to know each baby individually. I will hear your concerns and get a good understanding of your preferences. Then I will talk you through the some sleep science relevant to your twins so that you have a clear understanding of how to support them in their sleep learning journey and maintain healthy sleep habits. I will work with you to refine your chosen sleep plan so that on the first night, after a relaxing bath and bedtime routine, I starts the sleep plan either on my own or with you, the choice is yours! Eitehr way you will learn what to do and why.

Day 2: I will demonstrate the sleep techniques during the naps and guide you through possible adjustments in the daytime routine which promote healthy sleep habits. Perhaps some developmental activities to make it fun for you and your little ones.  You will take on the sleep plan in the evening whilst I offer you step by step guidance and reassurance.

Day 3: This is the day where I take on a supportive roll with less ‘hands on’ care so that you and your partner gain confidence in following the holistic sleep plan. I still willingly answer your questions as they arise. When your little ones are settled peacefully in the evening, this is the chance for a 30 minute Q & A session together, reviewing the sleep plan so that you know what to do in diverse situations in the future. I remain ‘on call’ through the night until morning,. I leaves you confident and positive about your family’s future sleep journey with lots of sleep to look forward to.

"Suzy's advice and support gave me the confidence..."

". . . I needed to stick to the plan. She answered my questions clearly and promptly."

Claire, 1 year old, London, UK

"Suzy's advice made complete sense. I was no longer alone and,.."

"best of all, no more sleep deprivation, just lots of busy fun!"

Samira, 10 mth old twins

"We highly recommend Suzy. She respected our twins emotional ..."

"...needs. In just 4 days, our girls sleep went from hourly waking to all night sleeping."

Nadia,Twins 7 months, HONG KONG

"Suzy turned up like a fairy godmother and immediately installed ..."

"... an air of calm. She left us with a clear plan to reduce night feeds and a solid daily routine. It's life changing!"

Cordelia, 18 month twins, Cambridgeshire

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Useful information

This consultation has a particularly high success rate for creating good sleep habits and it is in high demand. To check current availability you are advised to call me immediately prior to your booking confirmation.

The fee applies for consultations that take place within a 10-mile radius of Stamford, Rutland. For other areas and additional costs, please contact me stating your postcode. For non-UK bookings, your full address and the nearest airport is required.

To allow for a slightly less intense plan consider booking an additional 24 hours especially when:

• Your babies are under 6 months old
• You or your partner are particularly anxious or suffer from a postnatal illness.
• Your babies are 6+ months and suffer from reflux or allergies or other medical conditions under your physician’s guidance (excluding teething).

For each 24 hours in-home period, I am required to take a 4-hour rest period.

The rate is calculated on the basis that I am a working guest in your home. You are respectfully requested to provide food and accommodation. If you have any concerns about accommodation, please call me so that I can help you find a solution

If you are on a tight budget or would simply like to work out the details of a sleep plan with me: Twin Matters 4 months – 3 years (only £590) with the option to book an additional consecutive day, night or 24 hours.

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