New Baby Support 0-12 weeks

Is my baby getting enough milk? Is she breathing normally? How can I get my baby to settle in her bed? What’s the best way to wind her?
… All those niggling doubts and a lot of contradictory advice from the internet.  With over 30 years of experience, Suzy is calmly reassuring and tailors her advice to you and your baby.  You will learn how to respond confidently to all your baby’s physical and emotional needs and in a way that feels right for you.

Ideal when you would like to learn to:

  • Bath, dress and be confident with your baby
  • Breastfeed and avoid low milk supply etc.
  • Nurture your baby’s emotional development
  • Bottle feed with effective winding techniques
  • Create good sleep ‘hygiene’
  • Settle your baby for naps and at night
  • Start a gentle, ‘sleep-friendly’ daily pattern
  • Be confident in getting out with your baby

"What Suzy doesn't know about newborn babies isn't worth knowing!..."

"She was available around the clock with sensible advice and much-needed reassurance. She is a parent 'whisperer!' "

Martina, 7 day old, Essex

"Suzy came to the rescue of my daughter and 1 week old baby..."

"... In one session with Suzy my daughter was able to breastfeed and started to really enjoy motherhood."

Eleonor, Grandmother, London, UK

"I came home after giving birth and panicked. I wanted to breastfeed ..."

"... but I was so overwhelmed. Suzy came for 48 hours, got me breastfeeding and I couldn't be happier..."

Daria, newborn baby, UK

"I felt like a failure until Suzy gave me the confidence to make choices ..."

"...and stick to them. I now feel empowered and a lot happier now that my babies hardly cries"

Jill, 3 week old, East London

"My Pediatrician recommended Suzy as a trustworthy night nurse."

"I felt safe leaving my babies with her whilst I finally got some proper sleep"

Ariana, 1 week old twins, Hertfordshire


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New Baby Support 0-12 weeks at a glance:

- 3 consecutive hours expert advice and support
- 1 week post-consultation text support
- Written summary of the advice offered
- Exclusive CLUB membership (evidence-based studies, baby equipment, baby tips and articles, etc.)
See 'Tailormade Options' below to get more...
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New Baby Support 0-12 weeks £300
Newborn Twins 0 -12 weeks £350

Additional options :

Hourly rate (daytime only) after the first visit (minimum 4 hours) £50
New Baby Support + 1 consecutive o/night support (up to 14 hours) £550
48 hour guidance and support £980
10 hour 'stand alone' night £350
30 minutes (or part thereof) consecutive to the 3 hour package £35
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Welcome Newborn 0-12 weeks in detail:

In-home consultation: The consultation starts any time between 9 am and 3 pm. Suzy will answer your initial questions then go through the specific areas of newborn baby care that you find challenging. This could be feeding positions, effective winding techniques, or perhaps gentle sleep settling so that you gain confidence in settling your baby for a nap. If you are exhausted Suzy will be there as the supportive rock for you to lean on.

7 days follow-on text support: Following on from the consultation, at any time you have a question, you can contact Suzy for reassurance and answers to your questions.

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Useful information

Advertised fees apply to consultations that take place within a 10 mile radius of Stamford, Lincs. For other areas, please give your postcode and check the additional cost with Suzy.

‘Tailormade Options’ are considered as ‘special offers’. See Terms and Conditions

The consultation fee is calculated on the basis that Suzy is a working guest in your home. You are respectfully requested to provide food and, in the case of overnight stays, appropriate accommodation. If you have limited space, please contact Suzy so that she can advise.

If you feel you need more than 2 consecutive days and nights of support try:  Complete Feed & Sleep 0-2 years or the exclusive Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-1 year consultation.

"Freya is like a different baby, its amazing! She settles ..."

“... to sleep by herself within 10 minutes and she sleeps well. No more stressful bouncing for an hour holding an upset baby. Thank you Suzy!”

Laura, 10 week old, HONG KONG

"Suzy inspires trust right from the start. She is a true professional..."

"... and her experience shone through in the intuitive way she approached my daughter."

Mia, 3 year old, London, UK

"Suzy is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Her enthusiasm ..."

"... is infectious. She is full of wise words and we learned more than we ever thought possible in just five days."

Xin Yi, 7 month old, Singapore

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