"Suzy clearly sprinkled her sleep magic in our home! I am thrilled ..."

"... that our little boy hardly cried and certainly a lot less than I had imagined he would."

Juliana, 1 year old, Hertfordshire

"What Suzy doesn't know about newborn babies isn't worth knowing!..."

"She was available around the clock with sensible advice and much-needed reassurance. She is a parent 'whisperer!' "

Martina, 7 day old, Essex

"At last, I can bottle feed my son and my wife still breastfeeds ..."

" ... We even went out for the first time to celebrate on our anniversary. Such a treat!"

Jim, 4 month old, Hertfordshire

"Suzy doesn't impose 'her view' rather she responds to preferences ..."

"... and adjusts her advice accordingly. We are delighted our baby is happier and calmer now!"  

Charles, 3 week old, JORDAN

"Suzy is as brilliant as people say! It takes only 10 minutes for my son to settle..."

"... to sleep at bedtime instead of the 2 hours that it had taken before she came. "

Roxanna, 7 month old, UK

"Finally co-sleeping is working for us. I was having to feed my daughter..."

"... back to sleep and it took ages. Suzy's gentle approach to getting her to sleep is magic!"

Samya, 11 month old, UK

"I used to feel like a failure but now I am on top of this parenting thing!..."

"...In 3 short visits Suzy helped me understand my baby and how to respond to the crying. This has made a world of difference!”

Olivia, 5 week old, UK

"Suzy is warm and non-judgemental. With her guidance I have a happy ..."

"... baby and I have got my sanity, my health and my marriage back."

Fiona, 3 month old, London, UK

"My doctor recommended 'The Baby Expert'. Suzy was careful about..."

"...our sleep journey as well as the end result. Now we have a happy little girl who sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK

"I finally felt I was not alone in my sleepless state. Suzy helped me work on ..."

" ... a sensible sleep plan that was manageable for me and my girls. It has been life-changing!"

Alexa (3 under 3yrs) , DUBAI

Certified Sleep Consultant, New Baby Expert & Feeding Coach

Suzy’s evidence-based expertise and experienced support. both online or in your home, give you the confidence to achieve your goal. Success rates are exceptionally high because each consultation is unique and tailored around your values, your family dynamics, and your little one’s personality. Suzy combines her extensive studies with 30 years of hands-on experience and gives you step-by-step guidance with emotional support.  She has a completely non-judgemental approach with the deepest respect for your infant’s emotional development. 

Suzy values your trust and maintains complete confidentiality.

Covid-19: To respect each family’s health, Suzy travels by car to all consultations and politely requests each familys understanding when requesting a parking permit. Suzy wears a mask outside at all times and she will wear a mask during consultations if requested. Of course, frequent and stringent hand washing is maintained at all times.

Paediatric psychologists, doctors & paediatricians use and highly recommend Suzy’s services
Jojo’s mummy talks about working with Suzy during sleep training


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