'Milk Matters' - Bottle Refusal

Suzy is confident that, by using her intuitive, gentle and baby-led approach, she can help your baby learn to enjoy bottle feeding or combined breast and bottle feeding. The success rate to date is currently 100% ‘Milk Matters’ – Bottle Refusal is ideal when:

  • Your breastfed baby (2-9 months old) refuses milk from a bottle
  • Your baby only drinks up to 60mls
  • You’ve already tried various bottles and feeding times
  • You miss having quality time with your older child(ren)
  • You need more sleep and your partner wants to offer a bottle
  • You need to go back to work or to an appointment
Elly’s Testimonial of the ‘Milk Matters’ consultation with Suzy Lane – The Baby Expert


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'Milk Matters' - Bottle refusal at a glance:

Getting your baby to accept one bottle feed from one family member
7 days of post-consultation text support
FIXED FEE regardless of whether it takes 1 or 2 days to coach the family member to give one feed from the bottle
Written summary of the advice offered
Exclusive membership to The Club
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Consultation fee £770


Coaching a second person to bottle feed £390
Each text response before the in-home consultation £5

As a guideline, this consultation can be booked to take place within 10 days to 4 weeks of your booking confirmation. Specific dates are guaranteed on receipt of a retainer fee only. See our T&C’s.


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'Milk Matters' - Bottle Refusal in detail

Suzy arrives in the early morning and spends a little time with you, the breastfeeding mother, getting some general feeding history and being introduced to your baby. If you would like to know how to express or store your milk, Suzy will be happy to advise. When your baby shows signs of hunger Suzy offers the first bottle. She will need to do once the breastfeeding mother has left, so this is the ideal time for the mother to have a spa treatment, see friends or spend quality time with the older sibling.   Your chosen family member takes on the overall care of your baby.  It’s possible that Suzy stays overnight, sometimes a little longer. Throughout the consultation Suzy keeps a particularly attentive eye on your baby’s well being, respecting your little one’s emotional needs whilst gently encouraging bottle feeding. She will keep mum updated, almost in real-time, so that everyone is well informed of events throughout the consultation period.

Once your baby has accepted the bottle feed from the family member, Suzy provides a summary of the advice offered and leaves the home and continues to offer remote support for a further 7 days.

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Useful information

The in-home fee applies for consultations that take place within a a 10 mile radius of Stamford, Rutland. For other areas, please give your postcode, full address if located outside the UK, and check travel time/costs with Suzy.

The Milk Matters consultation is solely for the purpose of getting a healthy breastfed baby started on bottle feeding. For the baby’s well-being, any other concerns such as sleep issues can be addressed at a later date.

Please note that in specific cases (history of a previous feeding trauma, reflux, forceful feeding, or prolonged bottle refusal), additional assessments and a longer support time will be necessary. With her extensive experience, Suzy will discuss this with you at the time of booking. In this case, the fee reflects this service and the skills that go with it.

The fee is calculated on the basis that Suzy is a working guest in your home and you are respectfully requested to provide food, parking and accommodation for the full duration of the consultation. If you have limited sleeping space, please call Suzy so that she can advise.


"At last, I can bottle feed my son and my wife still breastfeeds ..."

" ... We even went out for the first time to celebrate on our anniversary. Such a treat!"

Jim, 4 month old, Hertfordshire

"Our 'booby' baby is finally accepting the bottle! I had been trying for weeks yet ...."

"... Suzy came and did it in just 24 hours! We loved Suzy's positive, cheerful personality"  

Mila, 7 month old, FRANCE

"Suzy has a gentle approach and now by baby loves the bottle"

"...  We tried anything and everything for months yet Suzy got us bottle feeding it in just 2 days."

Polly, 6 month old, London UK

"It's surreal! In just 12 hours Suzy coached my partner to bottle feed ..."

... our daughter yet we had been trying for 8 weeks! Suzy is a feeding magician!"

Jo, 5 month old, UK

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