Easy Feeding 5 mths - 5 yrs

Suzy helps you understand the reasons behind your infant’s feeding behaviour and how to manage it in a positive way so that mealtimes become stress-free and enjoyable. You discuss practical menu plans, and introduce your infant to fun activities that are food related. With a good dose of patience, the right techniques and a better understanding, you’ll see initial signs of improvement within just a few weeks. Furthermore, the follow-on support offers reassurance and rapid answers whilst your confidence continues to increase.

‘Easy Feeding’ is ideal for:

  • Restoring a calm, sociable environment at mealtimes
  • Widening the range of food for your ‘picky eater’
  • Encouraging a balanced diet
  • Understanding your infant’s nutritional needs
  • Reassurance your infant will enjoy eating over time
  • Gaining confidence with weaning to solid food
  • How to avoid food-aversive behaviour
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Easy Feeding at a glance:

- 2-day consultation (at least 5 meals/10 hours days)
- 10 days of post-consultation text support
- Analysis of overall feeding history
- Assessment of a 5-day feeding diary
- Written summary of advice
- Exclusive MEMBERS CLUB membership (evidence-based articles, tips, recipes
Option: 3rd day, 10 hours 'in-home' (see 'Additional Options')
Option: a 30-minute follow-up call (see 'Additional Options')
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Consultation fee £800
Twins consultation £900


10 hour day (3 meals) £380
Email response within 10 days of the consultation £50
30 minute call with 10 days of consultation £50
7 day text support (6+ months old only) £40

Suzy understands how stressful your infants fussy feeding can be so she responds promptly to your request.  Your consultation could start within two weeks of your booking confirmation. For further details you are invited to read the T&C’s.

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Useful information

The consultation fee applies when the consultation is within a 10-mile radius of Stamford, Rutland. For other areas, Please contact me stating your postcode and to get a quote that includes travel time/cost.

For each consultation day, I participate at your infant’s mealtimes and, for the purpose of being a healthy ‘feeding role model’, you are politely requested to provide the same food as your infant.

""Suzy has given us the tools we needed to turn our son into a food lover!"

Otis would only ever eat small amounts of pasta and it made him constipated. Within 10 days of Suzy's visit he was eating all kinds of fruit, fish and eggs too and loving them all."

Sally, mum of a 3 year old

""Now we actually look forward to stress-free mealtimes ..."

... Before Suzy came we dreaded mealtimes. They were noisy and stressful. Suzy's advice works because now we have two girls who are confident to try new things and they like their food"

Elaine, mum of 2 children (2 years & 4 years)

""Suzy's flexible and practical approach to weaning suited us perfectly..."

...Suzy's no-pressure, fun introduction to weaning was ideal and my son loves it. I'm now much more confident about weaning. I highly recommend this service "

Daniella, mum of 6 month old

"My doctor recommended 'The Baby Expert'. Suzy was careful about..."

"...our sleep journey as well as the end result. Now we have a happy little girl who sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK

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