Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for virtual consultations here



In-Home Consultation applies to a consultation that takes place in the Client place of residence.
Online Video Consultation applies to the pre-in-home online video call relevant to certain consultation packages
The Client refers to the infants’ parent(s) or legal guardians.
The Consultant refers to Suzy Lane


Payments are received by bank transfer and in pounds sterling only

Retainer Fee

The retainer fee is paid at the time of booking and secures the requested dates.
Full fee: Quick Response (2 hrs) 0-5 years, Baby Matters 4-18 months,  New Baby Support 0-12 weeks, Newborn Twins 0-12 weeks and all special offers.
50% of fee: Blissful Sleep 6-24 months, Complete Feed & Sleep 0- 2 years, Child Sleep 2-5 years, Twins Blissful Sleep 6-24 months.
75% of fee: Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-1 year, Milk Matters – Bottle Refusal, Potty Matters.

For international bookings, estimated flight costs will figure on the retainer invoice and will be adjusted on the final invoice.

Travel expenses

The advertised rates are applicable for consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Watford Station. For other areas, the Client is requested to state their postcode and check the additional cost with their Consultant

Final Payment

Final payment is due on the Consultant’s arrival at the Clients home and figures on final invoice excluding Quick Response (2 hrs), Baby Matters 4-18 months, Twin Matters 4-18 months, New Baby Support 0-12 weeks, all special offers and consultations that take place outside the U.K.

Final payment is as follows:

50% of fee: Blissful Sleep 6-24 months, Twins Blissful Sleep 6-24 months, Complete Feed & Sleep 0-2 years, Child Sleep 2-5 years.
25% of fee: Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-1 year, Milk Matters, Potty Matters.

For all overseas bookings, full funds must reach the Consultants account 72 hours prior to flight departure time and the Overseas Delivery Charge (ODC) remains at the Clients expense.

The Client is advised to notify the Consultant of payment by text message or email, on the day of transfer.

The Consultant will send the Client a final invoice or receipt of funds.

Once the consultation has started, should the Client book additional hours or day(s), the cost will become due for immediate payment. When funds have reached the Consultants account, the consultation dates are guaranteed, and the no refund policy applies. Until such time, all quoted dates remain open to all prospective clients.

International payment

All payments must be received by bank transfer and in pounds sterling only and, if coming from a bank outside the UK, they must include the Overseas Delivery Charge (ODC). The Client will advise their bank at the time of transfer.

Late Payment

If payment is delayed beyond the agreed start date and time, the Consultant reserves the right to postpone the consultation until payment has been received. The Consultant will apply a daily surcharge of 5% of the outstanding amount


Unpaid fees will be referred to www.suzylanebabyexpert.com legal advisors and a daily surcharge of 5% of the outstanding amount will be applied


The Client is advised that any written summaries of the consultation must not be shared with third parties. Any information provided by the Consultant throughout the booking period, whether it is written or verbal, is unique to the infant for whom the booking has been made and may not be appropriate for another infant.

Many essential checks will have been carried out before and during the in-home consultation to ensure the advice provided is adapted to the infant’s individual case. This attention to detail is important to verify that the infant has a behavioural sleep or feeding concern rather than a medically related sleep or feeding disorder.

The online video call:

The Client is kindly requested to complete and ‘send’ the relevant infant history (sleep or feeding) form to the Consultant a minimum of 24 hours prior to the online video call. The Consultant requires time to study this carefully and failure to return this important document can delay the date and time of the call.

The Client is responsible for placing the online call to the Consultant at the agreed date and time by WhatsApp video call. Should the Client experience unforeseen circumstances within 2 hours of the agreed date and time of the call, the Client is kindly requested to advise the Consultant.

If the Client does not meet the call or advises the Consultant less than 2 hours prior to the agreed time of the call, rescheduling the call may not be possible. Where appropriate the Client will receive a summary of the advice by e-mail.

The In-Home Consultation

The Consultant follows the guidelines and advises regarding safe sleep practices, as recommended by the Lullaby Trust: https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/

The Consultant does not ‘guarantee’ a no cry sleep or feeding plan. The Client is made aware that when changes are made to the infant’s established sleep or feeding habits, the infant needs time to adapt to these changes.

The Consultant’s role is ultimately and solely to advise and offer support to the Client. The Client is respectfully advised that the Consultant does not, in the Clients absence, take on sole care of the infant for any length of time.

The Client will provide the Consultant with an efficient working baby monitor which will be used at any time that the Consultant is required not to be in the same room as the infant.

The Consultant will respond to an infant’s cries as heard in the same room or on the baby monitor but does not stay awake all night unless the infant is also awake.

The success of the consultation(s) relies on numerous factors such as the Client giving a full and precise account of the infant’s history, personality, state of health, relational and dietary habits, sleep environment and the Client being consistent and following correctly the advice given.

The Client is made aware that in the case of sleep or feeding consultations, it takes an average of 6 weeks to see habitual patterns. This time scale is a guideline and can vary depending on the Client’s chosen sleep or feeding method and the extent of the infant’s previous habits.

Consistency and continuity are key factors for a successful result.

Prior to booking or during the consultation period, if the Client is in any doubt about the health of their infant, the Client is advised to seek advice from their medical practitioner.

In order for the in-home consultation to take place, any existing and ongoing medical condition relative to the infant will require a signed letter from the infant’s medical practitioner stating that the infant is well enough to follow a sleep/feed plan.

If the Client or the Clients’ infant is unwell at any point during the in-home consultation and is therefore not able to follow the advised sleep plan, the Consultant reserves the right to apply the no refund policy. However, at the Consultant’s discretion, she may offer to stay until the end date of the consultation to offer non-medical support to the Client.

During the consultation, the Consultant will not offer medical advice to the Client or administer medication to the infant.

If at any time during the in-home consultation, the client chooses not to continue the advised plan and, in effect, cancels the consultation, the Consultant is free to leave the Clients home and the no refund policy applies.

The Client and the Consultant agree to respect their respective privacy and be respectful to each other for the duration of the in-home consultation. During the in-home consultation, should the Consultant experience any physical or verbal abuse from the Client or household members, the consultation will be cancelled and the Consultant will immediately leave the Client’s place of residence. This will be considered as a full cancellation and the no-refund policy applies.

The in-home consultation fee is calculated based on the Consultant being a working guest in the Client’s home/place of residence. The Client is respectfully requested to provide the Consultant with food and appropriate accommodation for the full duration of the in-home consultation. Appropriate accommodation includes a bed or unfolding sofa and bedding.

For each 24 hour period of an in-home consultation, the Consultant is required to take a 4 hour rest period within the Clients home. This rest period will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Milk Matters – bottle refusal only – For the success of the consultation,  the Client is requested to exclusively breastfeed and refrain from offering their baby a bottle of milk for an absolute minimum of 7 days prior to the consultation start date.

The consultation is designed solely to teach the infant to drink milk from a bottle. For the infant’s well-being, the Consultant will concentrate on resolving the bottle refusal only. Other concerns such as sleep, will be advised at a later date.

New Baby Support (0-12 weeks) and Newborn Twins (0-12 weeks) only – When the Client has booked this consultation in advance of the birth, the Consultant respectfully requests that her contact details are added to the birth announcement list so that she can endeavour to be available for the first consultation at relatively short notice.

If the Client requests specific dates and The Consultant is not available (medical reasons or other), the Client will be offered alternative dates.


The Consultant uses the What’s App feature for texting and calls due to its encrypted privacy feature.

The WhatsApp consultation group created by the Consultant is used for the sole purpose of communicating between the Client(s) and the Consultant regarding the infant. This information is removed from the Consultant’s telephone when the text support period is completed.

Where a consultation package states that text support is included, the Client will receive responses to WhatsApp text requests between 08:30-20:30 (UK time) Monday – Sunday.

Every effort will be made to respond to the Clients’ infant related text requests within 24 hours of receiving them. At the time a text is received, the Consultant may be in consultation with another family and requests the Client’s patience when waiting for the response.

Text support starts from the date and time the Consultant finishes the in-home consultation. Text support duration varies for each consultation package.

Any texts or questions sent by midday on the last date of the text support period will receive a response by 20:30. Thereafter the Consultant will leave the WhatsApp group unless the Client has requested and paid for an extended period of time.

Should the Client choose to extend their text support, this will be invoiced and funds must be received within the consultation package validity period.

To avoid confusion between a Client simply giving an update on their infant’s progress and a question that requires a response, the Client is respectfully asked to type “QUE:” prior to asking for advice. Failure to do so may result in confusion for which the Consultant cannot be held responsible.


In addition to the advertised consultation rate, the Client is responsible for the followings costs:
Visa (if applicable)
The set travel fees as listed below:

Consultants travel TIME fee from her home to the address of the consultation:

Inside Europe: £350 return
Middle East: £440 return
Far East: £560 return

Travel COST fee from the Consultants home address to the UK Airport:

London City, Luton and Heathrow Airports: £100 return
Gatwick and Stanstead: £168 return

The Client will advise of the nearest airport to the consultation address.

The Client is respectfully expected to arrange return transport for the Consultant, from the arrival airport to the Client’s home/place of residence.

An estimated flight cost will figure on the invoice with the retainer fee and will be adjusted on the final invoice.

International payment
Outstanding fees and expenses must be in the Consultant’s bank account at least 72 hours prior to the Consultant’s flight departure time.

All payments must be received by bank transfer and in pounds sterling only. Any bank charges related to the receipt of a client’s payment will be passed onto the client.

Cancellation for consultations outside the United Kingdom

Should the Client cancel the consultation after the Consultant has boarded the flight, airline amendment fees for the change of return flight will be invoiced accordingly. The Consultant will provide a receipt for these additional costs on her return home


A one-off postponement is subject to the Consultant’s discretion and her availability.

We regret that no postponement is possible for special offer bookings. Postponement is considered only if the Client’s infant is unwell – we sincerely hope, for the infant’s sake, that this does not arise.

The Consultant is sympathetic that, excluding teething, an infants’ illness is a valid reason to postpone an in-home consultation. We also understand this is a delicate financial situation for both parties. When booking a Consultant there is a commitment on both sides; the Consultant has guaranteed her expertise, in most cases, for a considerable amount of working hours, days and nights and the Client paid the retainer fee for those specific dates. The postponement policy subsequently reflects these commitments.

The postponement fees are as follows:

10% of full fee: Quick Response (2 hrs), Baby Matters 4-18 months, New Baby Support 0-12 weeks, Newborn Twins 0-12 weeks.
30% of full fee: Blissful Sleep 6-24 months, Twins Blissful Sleep 6-24 months, ‘Milk Matters’ Bottle Refusal,  Potty Matters, Child Sleep 2-5 years and all extended packages (including Baby Matters 48 hours)
40% of full fee: Complete Feed & Sleep 0-2 years,  Tailor made consultation packages (calculated on outstanding fees only)

50% of full fee: Holistic Gentle Sleep and all overseas bookings

Postponement is accepted only on receipt of:

An e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the booking start date and time, stating the revised, mutually agreed consultation dates

Full payment of the consultation as per the date figured on the original invoice.

The immediate and full payment of the postponement fee received on, or before, the agreed date of the original consultation.

Travel amendment fees are at the Clients expense (pre-booked taxis, trains or flights)

The booking will be treated as a cancellation if the above conditions are not met.
Following the first confirmed postponement, no further postponement can be considered. The consultation will be cancelled, and the no-refund policy applies.

The Consultant will confirm the revised in-home consultation dates and send the Client a receipt.

Should the Consultant be taken ill or experience serious unforeseen circumstances and is unable to attend the consultation, the Consultant will postpone without any further cost to the Client.


If the Client requests to change a confirmed consultation package in favour of a shorter duration consultation package, the terms listed in the postponement policy apply.

If the Client requests to change the consultation for a more substantial package, no additional fees will be charged.


Should the Client choose to cancel before the start date of the in-home consultation the no refund policy applies (clause 12)

  1. FORCE MAJEURE or ‘out of our control’

No Liability
The Consultant will not be liable for delays due to causes beyond her reasonable control such as, but notwithstanding, adverse travel and transport conditions.

Best efforts to attend or communicate
In the event of non-attendance, whether in person or by other forms of communication, as a result of any cause beyond the Consultant’s reasonable control, including but notwithstanding travel, advice from Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Terrorism and Act of God. The Consultant shall nonetheless exercise her best efforts to attend or communicate with the Client.


The website is owned by Suzy Lane and no other party. You may not republish, retransmit, redistribute, make use of the material, consultation packages included, or otherwise make available to any party or make the same available on any website, online service or bulletin board of your own or of any other party or make the same available in hard copy or in any other media without the express prior written consent from the Consultant, Suzy Lane. Copywrite must remain on all reproductions of material taken from this website.


All information and personal details provided by the Client during the consultation period is treated as strictly confidential. The information we collect from the Client is not shared with others or sold to companies for marketing or any other purposes.

Suzy Lane warrants that to the extent she processes any Personal Data on behalf of the Client, she shall act only on instructions from the Client according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

For initial inquiries (email, telephone or text message), the Consultant will store personal records for a period of 6 months from the date of the first contact.

For initial inquiries that are converted to a confirmed booking, the Consultant will store personal records for a period of 12 months from the date of the first contact.

Following the consultation validity period, the Client can exercise their right to prevent their information from being stored by us by requesting by email that their personal information be removed from our system: contact@suzylanebabyexpert.com.com

The Consultant, Suzy Lane may disclose the Client’s personal information if she is required to do so by law.

For existing Clients of www.suzylanebabyexpert.com and within the above stated time frames, Suzy Lane may contact the Client by electronic means (email or SMS) with information about services similar to those which were the subject of dealings with the Client.


If the Client deliberately chooses not to follow safe sleeping recommendations as laid out by The Lullaby Trust, the Client acknowledges the risks involved in ignoring any or all of these recommendations. The Consultant is released from all liability that may occur.

The Client understands that any attempt on the Client’s part to discredit www.suzylanebabyexpert.com and the Consultant, Suzy Lane, on social media and any other media source will be deemed as defamatory.

In no event will the Consultant be liable for any problems, arising from any claim or action, incidental or directly or indirectly relating to advice, injury, medical or other consequences of any kind, to baby, child or adult, relating to any care or help or advice given by verbal, text or other digital communication, or in-home consultations or by any other method of communication. It is the responsibility of the person receiving such advice to decide whether to act upon or not and to do so at their own risk.

Suzy Lane reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, or any part of them, at any time, so the Client is advised to review them frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately once posted on the website.

The Client is also deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions when the Client accepts an invoice and these Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between the Client and the Consultant.

Once the final invoice has been paid either in part or in full, the Client is not entitled to a refund.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the client hereto agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to the resolution of any dispute that may arise out of, or in connection with, any of these Terms and Conditions.