'Holistic Gentle Sleep' 0-6 years

The elite consultation for sleep concerns, feeding issues or specialist newborn care.

This is my quintessentially bespoke service, designed to meet the needs of the most discerning clients both in the UK and overseas. I take into consideration not only your infant’s unique personality and natural body clock, the need for both nighttime and daytime sleep but also your lifestyle and preferences. My aim is to is to educate and empower you to make positive changes and my advice is backed by  evidence based research. I work with you so that  everyone gets the rest they deserve. This is a highly personalised service and definitely not a ‘one size fits all’!

Throughout the whole consultation package period, you and your infant’s emotional and physical well-being are my utmost concern. I will be available, day and night, to offer you gentle guidance and support. Even after the in-home consultation has come to an end, by which time you will see improvements,  I continue my support service for several weeks so that you never feel alone or have a question without an answer.

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'Holistic Gentle Sleep' 0-6 years at a glance:

- 7 days & nights advice and hands-on support (over a period of 8 days)
- 45-minute pre-consultation virtual call (discuss options for sleep coaching + advice for projects to get started)
- 3 weeks post-consultation text support (infants from 6+ months)
- 10 days post-consultation text support (infants under 6 months old only)
- Analysis of your infant’s full history and professional study of 5-day feed and sleep diaries
- 2 x written summaries 1. The online call 2. The tailor-made sleep/feed plan
- Exclusive BABY EXPERT CLUB membership for a whole year (access to evidence-based sleep and feeding studies, fun activities, recipes, nutritionally balanced menu planning and more...)
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Consultation fee £POA
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'Holistic Gentle Sleep' 0-6 years in detail:

Up to 45-minute pre-consultation video call: To discuss your infant’s history and your preferences and go through the options available to you.

What to expect during the in-home consultation:

Day 1: I start in the early afternoon and observe the overall dynamics around your infant.  I make a point of getting to know his unique personality. My approach is respectful and intuitive to ensure that your baby or child is relaxed when I am with him. This is also an ideal time to talk you through some sleep science backed by evidence based research and, with the help of the diaries you will have provided, how it relates to your infant’s sleep. You will also be offered access to sleep and feeding studies and further information. Depending on your infant’s age, either I will observe your infant (0-5 months) through the night so that the following morning, according to my observations, I can ‘fine-tune’ the details of his sleep with you or, with infants from 6 months to 6 years, I will get you started with your personalised sleep plan.

Day 2: I help you guide your infant through the adjustments in his daytime routine that encourage healthy sleep and development ie dietary requirements, sleep and possible playtime activities, etc. In the evening, the coaching starts with the very young baby/or continues with your infant (6 +months-5 years). You can rely on me as your experienced and knowledgeable supporting ‘rock’ throughout the night. I  keep a diary of events so that the following day I can discuss any issues that arose and congratulate you and your little one on initial progress.

Day 3: Throughout the day I will encourage you to have some extra cuddly time with your infant as well as ensure a sleep-friendly routine.  I relieve the stress and doubt by answering questions as soon as they arise.  I may even introduce a fun activity to encourage healthy mental and cognitive development.

Day 4: Today is the day that, under my gentle guidance and support, you or your partner or nanny will practice the techniques that will have been demonstrated to you.

Day 5: Now that you have learned the foundations for correcting the initial concerns, I take a temporary step out of the home for 24 hours. This gives you the real live opportunity to continue the sleep plan to see how it works for you on your own.

Day 6: I return to see how you feel you coped with the night. I will give immediate answers to any questions and, according to the feedback you will have given me, perhaps make minor adjustments.

Day 7: This day allows your little one to adjust to any changes at a steady pace and maintain the continuity of the sleep plan. By now you should see some good initial signs of progress, whether this is sleep and/or perhaps feeding too. On the last evening or during naptime, whilst your infant is sleeping peacefully, we have a 30-minute meeting to review the plan and to give you some very useful tips regarding common issues that can affect your infant’s sleep in the future including teething, developmental leaps, travel, and jetlag. You, your partner, or your nanny will continue to consolidate your infant’s sleep plan overnight. For this last night, I am ‘on-call’ just in case I’m needed but I will remain in the background so that your confidence gets stronger in managing the sleep settling.

Day 8: I leave you confident and knowing that your little one will continue to make significant progress and experience the overall benefits of a healthy sleep routine for the whole family.

Text support: After I leave your home, I continue to stay in contact with you for up to 3 weeks to follow the significant progress that has been made and to answer your questions.

"A first class sleep service! Suzy stayed for 7 days and nights assessing our sons ..."

"...personality, diet and environment as well as our needs and objectives. He now sleeps all night every night!"

Ami, mum of 6 month old, INDONESIA

"Suzy inspires trust right from the start. She is a true professional..."

"... and her experience shone through in the intuitive way she approached my daughter."

Mia, 3 year old, London, UK

"Suzy has made a positive change to our lives with great ..."

"... feeding advice and she has give us the confidence to get our son sleeping properly too."

James, 11 month old, London

"My doctor recommended 'The Baby Expert'. Suzy was careful about..."

"...our sleep journey as well as the end result. Now we have a happy little girl who sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK

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Useful information

You will see initial positive improvements in your infant’s sleep during the in-home consultation. Some (but not all) infants actually manage to sleep right through to the morning by the end of the week…

Consistency in following my advice is important for the success of your infant’s tailor-made sleep (and possibly feeding plan for young babies).

I offer a completely bespoke service within this consultation. However, should you feel that you require additional services, I am happy to consider your request.

The fee applies for consultations that take place within a 10-mile radius of Stamford, Rutland. For other areas, please state your postcode, or, if outside the UK, your full address and nearest airport, and I will provide a quote for travel time and cost.

As a working guest in your home, I politely request that you provide meals and accommodation for the full duration of the consultation.

For each 24-hour period, I will be required to take a 4-hour rest period in the afternoon to catch up on sleep/get some fresh air.

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