Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-12 months

The elite consultation for sleep or feeding issues and newborn care.

This is Suzy’s quintessentially bespoke service, designed to meet the needs of her most discerning international clients both in the UK and overseas.

Throughout the consultation period, you and your infant’s emotional and physical well-being are Suzy’s utmost concern. Suzy is on-hand, day and night, to offer you gentle guidance and support. Even after the consultation has been completed Suzy offers you several weeks support so that you are sure to stay on the right path.

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Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-12 months at a glance:

- 7 days & nights advice and hands-on support (over a period of 8 days)
- Up to 45-minute pre-consultation video call to discuss your concerns and your infants' history
- 3 weeks post-consultation text support
- Analysis of your infant’s full history and study of 5-day feed and sleep diaries
- 2 x written summaries 1. The online call 2. The tailor-made sleep/feed plan
- Exclusive MEMBERS CLUB membership (evidence-based studies, fun activities,recipes etc)
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Consultation fee £POA
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Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-1 year in detail:

Up to 45-minute pre-consultation video call: To discuss your infant’s history and your preferences and go through the options available to you.

What to expect during the in-home consultation:

Day 1: Suzy arrives early afternoon and begins by observing the overall dynamics around your infant as well as your infant’s unique personality. Her approach is respectful and intuitive to ensure that your baby or child is relaxed with her. This is also an ideal time to show you some sleep science in infants. Throughout the night, your little one will be in Suzy’s safe, highly experienced hands as she continues to observe your infant so that the following morning, according to her observations, she can ‘fine-tune’ the details of your chosen plan with you.

Day 2: Suzy guides your infant through the adjustments that favour healthy sleep and development ie dietary requirements, sleep and playtime activities, etc. In the evening, she will begin the refined tailor-made sleep plan. Suzy will keep a diary of events so that she can meet with you the following day to inform you of your little ones’ progress and discuss any core concerns. If you prefer to stay with Suzy and observe through the night Suzy respects this.

Day 3: Throughout the day Suzy will encourage your little one to adapt to a sleep-friendly routine and explain why it is important for your infant’s physical and mental development. She will answer questions as they arise and she may even introduce some fun activities which encourage healthy mental and cognitive development.

Day 4: Today is the day that, under Suzy’s gentle guidance, you or your nanny will practice the techniques that will have been demonstrated to you. This is an intense learning day for all concerned.

Day 5: Now that you have learned the foundations for correcting the initial concerns, Suzy will take a temporary step out of the home for 24 hours. You will continue the sleep and feeding plan to see how it works for you and your little one.

Day 6: Suzy returns to see how you have managed and to answer any questions or make adjustments according to the feedback you will have given her.

Day 7: This day allows your little one to adjust to any changes at a steady pace and maintains continuity of the plan. By now you should see some initial signs of progress, whether this is sleep or feeding or both. On the last evening, whilst your infant is sleeping peacefully in bed, Suzy requests about 30 minutes of your time to review the plan and give you some useful tips regarding common issues around sleep that may affect your infant in the future including teething, developmental leaps, travel, and jetlag. You or your nanny will continue to consolidate your infant’s sleep plan overnight. Suzy will now be ‘on-call’ just in case she is needed to answer further questions.

Day 8: Suzy will leave you knowing that your little one will continue to make significant progress whilst you consistently follow the advised plan.

Text support: Suzy stays in touch with you for up to 3 weeks to follow the progress that is being made and to answer your questions.

"This is a first class sleep service! Suzy stayed for 7 days and nights..."

"Before offering advice, she assessed our child’s personality, developmental abilities, diet and environment as well as our needs and objectives. It worked!"

Ami with 6 month old, Indonesia

"Suzy inspires trust right from the start. She is a true professional..."

"... and her experience shone through in the intuitive way she approached my daughter."

Mia, 3 year old, London

"Suzy has made a positive change to our lives with ..."

"... great feeding advice! She gave us the confidence we needed to get our son sleeping properly too."

James, 11 month old, London

"My doctor recommended 'The Baby Expert'. Suzy was just as careful about..."

"...our sleep journey as the end result and now we have a healthy, happy little girl who actually sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK

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Useful information

You will see improvements in your baby’s sleep both during and after the consultation.

Consistency in following Suzy’s advice is important for the success of your baby’s tailor-made sleep and feeding plan.

Suzy offers a complete package within this consultation. However, should you feel that you require additional services, she is happy to study your request.

Suzy is a working guest in your home and, as such, requires appropriate food and accommodation for the full duration of the consultation.

For each 24-hour period, Suzy will be required to take a 4 hour rest period in the afternoon.

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