'Twins Sleep Matters' 4 months - 3 years


Advice and support in ‘real time’ with a true twins expert


‘Twins Sleep Matters’ is ideal when you need:

  • A better understanding of your twins’ sleep needs
  • Guidance around an organised bath and bedtime routine
  • A sleep-friendly and age-appropriate daytime routine
  •  To get off to the best start with a manageable sleep plan
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'Twins Sleep Matters' at a glance:

1/2 day and 1 consecutive night of tailor-made advice and support
30-minute pre-consultation virtual call
1 week of post-consultation text support
Written summary of the advice offered
Exclusive BABY EXPERT CLUB membership (evidence-based studies, recipes, menu plans...)
'Twins Sleep Matters' 48 hours in-home advice with 10 DAYS post-consultation text support.
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'Twins Sleep Matters' 20 hour - 8 hour day and 1 consecutive night £560
'Twins Sleep Matters' 48 hour - 1.5 days and 2 consecutive nights £1,080

Additional options

Each infant related email response throughout the package period £40
1 week post-consultation text support £40
Infant related text response before the in-home consultation £5
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Twin Matters in detail:

30-minute pre-consultation virtual call: Suzy gives you some simple projects for you to prepare your little ones gently for the sleep coaching and gives you choices of researched and evidence-based sleep coaching methods so that you have time to discuss them together and decide which one best suits you and your infants.

In-home consultation: Suzy arrives around 1 pm. She observes each infant individually, getting to know their unique personalities. This is the ideal time for you to share your views so that she can take this into careful consideration when working with you to design the tailored sleep plan. She can help you, for example, address sleep issues or how to manage effectively the evening ‘rush hour’, setting a precedent to a good night’s sleep, etc. She advises and offers support through the night, leaving you feeling more positive and ‘in control’.

‘Twins Sleep Matters’ 48 hour – An additional 24 hours allows Suzy to guide you and your infants through the fine tuned elements that contribute towards maintaining a sleep-friendly, daytime routine. She can also give you real-time support whilst coaching you through the nap(s).

"Suzy literally gave us back our lives. I was terrified that by sleep training..."

“... my daughter I would damage the bond I had with her. We chose a gentle method and my little girl hardly ever cries now and our bond is even better than before.”

Amelia, 10 month old, UK

"Suzy's advice made complete sense. I was no longer alone and,.."

"best of all, no more sleep deprivation, just lots of busy fun!"

Samira, 10 mth old twins

"Suzy's determination and enthusiasm were contagious! We ..."

" now have a flexible but solid feeding plan. Suzy, you ROCK!"

Anna, 6 month old, London, UK

"Suzy tells the truth and doesn't over-sell her service..."

"... We are much more confident now and clearly, her advice has worked for us!"

Eliza, 3 week old, North London

"I finally felt I was not alone in my sleepless state. Suzy helped me work on ..."

" ... a sensible sleep plan that was manageable for me and my girls. It has been life-changing!"

Alexa (3 under 3yrs) , DUBAI

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Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 mile radius of Stamford, Rutland. For other areas, please give your postcode and call Suzy for the additional cost.

Twin Matters 20 hour is a very intensive consultation.

For sleep concerns with in-home support and a fully holistic approach: Twins Blissful Sleep (6-24 months) or Holistic Gentle Sleep (0-2 years)

Just a small handful of questions? Quick Response

The fee is calculated on the basis that Suzy is a working guest in your home. You are respectfully requested to provide a simple meal and appropriate accommodation. If you have very limited space, please call Suzy so that she can advise.

For each 24 hour period, Suzy is available for 20 hours.

 See the Terms and Conditions prior to booking

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