In-Home Consultations

Suzy uses her expertise to guide and encourage you, in real-time, through a realistic sleep, feeding journey or to encourage you if you have become parents for the first time so that you can relax knowing what to expect, what is ‘normal’, what needs adjusting, when and why.  

cute looking little 14 month old boy fast asleep cuddling his soft teddy


Is feeding your baby back sleep your only way to survive?

Is your toddler refusing to go to bed and stay in bed?

Do you need help with a long standing sleep regression?

Do you like co-sleeping but not constant night wakings?



indian baby looking up whist being spoonfed some fruit puree


Worried your baby isn’t getting enough breast milk?

Is your breastfeeding baby refusing the bottle?

Are you worried about your baby not eating solid food?

Have toddler mealtimes become a battle of wills?

Happy father cradling his baby and the mother standing behind him smiling at the baby


Worried about how much breastmilk your baby gets?

Would you like effective ways to relieve colic?

How about simple ways to settle your baby in his bed?

Are you confused about how/when to start a routine?

Toddler girl with a white hairband and a white dress kissing a very newborn looking baby who is sleeping on a fluffy white blanket in a crib

Overseas & Potty Training

Is toddler potty training becoming a challenge?

Does your new nanny need training to your standards?

Is lack of sleep affecting your health and happiness?

Is your baby not reaching developmental milestones?

Dark haired mother smiling behind her twin babies


Would you like expert advice to settle your baby?

Overwhelmed? Need help with a sensible routine?

Are you struggling to do bath and bedtime calmly?

Need help with a practical solid feeding plan?

Lttle girl sitting on a bed and showing her baby sister the pictures in a book


Has the nap schedule become too erratic?

Are early morning wakings wearing you down?

Is your baby getting to heavy to be rocked to sleep?

Are you looking to set up a sleep-friendly routine?