In-Home Consultations

Firstly, I’d like you to know you are no longer alone in your struggles. Secondly, I believe in gentle and respectful infant care! Thirdly, I am not a fan of  the ‘Cry it out’ method to fast-track infant sleep nor do I agree with pressured feeding.

I understand the anxiety and stress caused by constant sleep deprivation and/or feeding refusal. I will be behind you all the way. By combining your dedication with my extensive experience and knowledge, I am confident you will get the best outcome.

Throughout the in-home consultation you will have unlimited guidance and reassurance.  By educating you and builds your confidence to maintain healthy sleeping and feeding patterns now and into the future. My advice is backed by the latest evidence based research and I will give you the essential tools to make positive changes.  This isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ approach here! The best method is one that fits with your family so that’s why, wherever possible, I will offer you various options. I also take into consideration your infant’s unique personality and emotional well-being. The result is less stress and more sleep for everyone.

Six weeks or so post-consultation, the most frequent comments from parents have been: “It’s been life changing!”, “We are confident for a happier future…”, “It was easier than we expected…” and “my only regret is not calling you earlier”. In fact, most have confessed that the hardest part was accepting to reach out for professional help…

So, if you are reading this now, congratulations, you are very nearly there! I look forward to working with you and being the first to congratulate you warmly when you tell me you have a happy, well rested infant who is sleeping and feeding consistently well.

cute looking little 14 month old boy fast asleep cuddling his soft teddy


Feeding baby back to sleep to survive the nights?

Toddler refusing to go to bed or to stay in bed?

Sleep regression become a permanent fixture?

Love co-sleeping but not frequent night wakings?



indian baby looking up whist being spoonfed some fruit puree


Worried baby isn’t getting enough milk?

Looking for guidance with bottle refusal?

Toddler only eats a limited range of food?

Mealtimes a stressful battleground?

Happy father cradling his baby and the mother standing behind him smiling at the baby


Worried baby isn’t getting enough breastmilk?

Need effective solutions for a colicky baby?

Baby wakes every time you put him down?

Need to start a sleep-friendly a routine?

Toddler girl with a white hairband and a white dress kissing a very newborn looking baby who is sleeping on a fluffy white blanket in a crib

Overseas & Potty Training

Toddler potty training becoming a challenge?

Lack of sleep affecting your relationship?

Baby missing his developmental milestones?

Child behaviour getting you down?

Dark haired mother smiling behind her twin babies


Need expert advice to settle your baby?

Doubting everything? Need reassurance?

Struggling to set a bath and bedtime routine?

Need an age-appropriate feeding plan?

Lttle girl sitting on a bed and showing her baby sister the pictures in a book


Napping schedule gone wrong?

Are early morning wakings wearing you down?

Is baby getting too heavy to be rocked to sleep?

Need advice to create a sleep-friendly routine?