In-Home Consultations

With Suzy’s expert guidance, you will know what to expect and what is ‘normal’ in all situations. You will learn why your infant responds in a certain way, when to make adjustments and why they are necessary. Moreover, she will ensure you are comfortable at each stage before taking it any further. In other words, you will be in control of the plan and your preferences are respected.

cute looking little 14 month old boy fast asleep cuddling his soft teddy


Feeding your baby back to sleep to survive the nights?

Is your toddler refusing to go to bed or to stay in bed?

Has sleep regression become a permanent fixture?

Love co-sleeping but not frequent night wakings?



indian baby looking up whist being spoonfed some fruit puree


Worried your baby isn’t getting enough milk?

Are you looking for help with bottle refusal?

Will your toddler only eat a limited range of food?

Are your meal times a stressful battleground?

Happy father cradling his baby and the mother standing behind him smiling at the baby


Worried your baby isn’t getting enough breastmilk?

Would you like effective ways for your colicky baby?

Does your baby wake up as soon as you put him down?

Would you like to know how/when to start a routine?

Toddler girl with a white hairband and a white dress kissing a very newborn looking baby who is sleeping on a fluffy white blanket in a crib

Overseas & Potty Training

Is toddler potty training becoming a challenge?

Is lack of sleep affecting your health and happiness?

Is your baby not reaching developmental milestones?

Is your child’s behaviour perhaps sleep related?

Dark haired mother smiling behind her twin babies


Would you like expert advice to settle your baby?

Overwhelmed? Need help with a sleep-friendly routine?

Are you struggling with a bath and bedtime routine?

Need help with a healthy, age-appropriate feeding plan?

Lttle girl sitting on a bed and showing her baby sister the pictures in a book


Has the nap schedule become too erratic?

Are early morning wakings wearing you down?

Is baby getting too heavy to be rocked to sleep?

Need advice to start a sleep-friendly routine?