Is your baby’s sleeping bag really safe to use?

Some sleeping bags, manufactured before 2018 and which complied with an earlier standard, may no longer be considered safe.

A safe sleeping bag is one that:

• Is the right size for the age of the child and a smaller neck opening than the circumference of his head

• Has the fasteners (studs and zips) that are strong enough to stop a baby from escaping

• Does not have loose threads and labels that could trap a baby’s fingers or toes

• Has been checked to ensure there are no strangulation hazards – draw cords etc built in to the sleeping bag

• Has short labels that aren’t so long in the upper inside back part of the sleeping bag

• Has been subjected buttons to a force of 70 Newtons to make sure they don’t detach and create a choking hazard (2018 safety standard)

• Has not been left on a radiator or heater prior to putting it on a child which could cause a baby to dangerously overheat

• Is the correct tog rating for the temperature of the room as well as the amount of clothing worn underneath it.

• Is washed frequently to get rid of old bacteria from milk sick, dribbling and leaked nappy content.