A smooth flight with a baby or toddler, is this possible?

… and toddlers from the USA to China, to the Middle East and most of Asia. Not one of the little ones cried throughout the whole flight, there just wasn’t a lot of crying.  Perhaps a little less sleep when on long haul flights but that’s all.

Suzy’s first tip: When you are boarding the plane make a positive move to say a kind word to the people around you and ‘sniff out’ the kindest looking person. Why? Because you never know whether you might need their help during the flight! If you really don’t like asking for help there is more of a chance the kind person will offer to help if you have been friendly earlier.
Suzy’s second tip: Keep reminding yourself that when travelling with a baby, after the flight, those people, you know, the ones with disapproving looks, you will probably never ever see again so if your baby cries, try not to stress too much for their sakes. If your baby gets really upset concentrate on cuddling your infant to soothe him because he is so much more important than the ‘disapprovers’! Perhaps walk along the aisles – it will be less of a problem for your baby and you, and other passengers.
Suzy’s third tip: Tie your infant’s toys, spacing them out, along a length of ribbon or, even better, the plastic toy links you can buy so that if your infant drops a toy you can pull on the other end of the ribbon to get it back.  It saves you trying fruitlessly to bend over like a contortionist, with your baby still on your knee, to pick up the toy. It’s also easier to gather the toys together when they are all on the same ribbon/links so that when you are tidying up before you land all the toys can be dropped neatly into the relevant bag.
Suzy’s fourth tip: During landing and take-off, encourage your infant to have a drink out of a sippy cup, breastfeed, bottle feed or suck on a pacifier; swallowing relieves ear pressure at high altitudes.

If you are back from your holiday and struggling with your infants’ jetlag, contact Suzy and she will get you right back on track.