Do you have a picky eater? Are mealtimes stressful?

It’s tempting to put the television on and spoon it in but this is a big mistake because this prevents the toddler from learning to recognise signs of feeling full or concentrate on the taste or the texture and so much more…

Suzy’s first tip:  First and foremost, sit and eat with your little one and have the same food. Sitting by yourself to eat is boring and having people watch what you eat and not eat with you can feel a little intimidating
Suzy’s second tip: Don’t focus on, or discuss at the table, what your child is or isn’t eating as this is too much pressure and has an adverse effect. Instead, make it a sociable occasion.
Suzy’s third tip: Offer a varied and balanced choice and include one food you know your child might eat.
Suzy’s fourth tip: Lower your expectations of the quantity you expect your little one to eat.

If you have tried all the above and you are still worried, Suzy has more valuable advice and lots of experience. Contact Suzy now to see how she can help you.