Is it possible to teach your baby good sleep habits from the start?

… illnesses, also increased physical development reaching milestones at a faster, more age-appropriate pace. Many good reasons for investing in your baby’s sleep from an early age.

Suzy’s first tip: Look for your infant’s very first tired signs before you notice that ‘scratchy’ tired cry. Some examples are the first yawn, less and less eye focus on faces or toys and everyday objects, less fluid or coordinated movement.
Suzy’s second tip: Slow everything down with less stimulation so that your baby learns to recognize when there is a change of pace and to adapt to it.
Suzy’s third tip: A calm nappy change to create a ‘sleep association’.
Suzy’s fourth tip: Take a deep breath and think ‘calm’ whilst giving lots of lovely cuddles and putting your little one into his usual sleeping place (cot/Moses basket).

Worried that perhaps your infant is not getting enough sleep? Is she ‘clingy’ or fussing a lot throughout the day? Can’t shake off those colds and coughs? Have a look at the online or in-home consultations and call Suzy