How can my child make a smooth transition from a cot to a bed?

… this might happen for the first few nights because it’s normal for a child with their newly found freedom to test the boundaries. However, how you handle it makes a significant difference as to whether this continues or not. I always suggest that, whenever possible, you try and keep your little one in a cot as close as possible to 3 years of age.

Suzy’s first tip: A bed guard may stop your precious little person from falling out of bed. Perhaps put some sponge type matting on the floor beside the bed, giving a softer landing!
Suzy’s second tip: Make a visual count down with your infant for 5 days previous to ‘big bed’ day.
Suzy’s third tip: If you have enough room, put up the new bed about two days beforehand and allow your little one to have story time there. This helps to familiarize him/her with the size of the bed and a slight change in sleep environment.
Suzy’s fourth tip: Two days before the big night, go on a special outing with your little one to choose sheets etc. Allow your little one to choose what s/he likes. Lots of praise!
Suzy’s fifth tip: Consistency and a gentle ‘no negotiation’ attitude after saying ‘goodnight’ are the keys to whether you will be disturbed for just a few nights or for several weeks to come.

If you need support during this transition or your child is already getting out of bed and waking you up, contact Suzy who can advise you how to motivate your child to stay in bed.