My breastfed baby refuses milk from a bottle . . .

It can be frustrating when your plan is to go back to work or you just need a little breastfeeding freedom and your baby, who may have accepted the bottle previously (or not at all!), simply refuses milk from the bottle.

Suzy suggests: Often the breastfed baby has never really felt anything else in his mouth except soft, fleshy skin. So when we give a bottle we tend to just put it directly into the baby’s mouth. For sure, if someone did that to me without warning, I would probably turn my head away in surprise too, wouldn’t you? It then becomes a battle or a game of chewing on the teat, or, at best, your baby takes 30-60mls.

Suzy’s first tip: Take it step by little step, very gently and gradually.

Suzy’s second tip: Stay very calm and relaxed when you offer the bottle.

Suzy’s third tip: ‘Offer’ the teat at first and let your baby root for it, avoid putting it directly in his mouth as he will just chew on it or even gag which is unpleasant and scares him.

Suzy’s fourth tip: Don’t insist that your baby drinks milk at that moment, he may not be ready to feed at that moment.

If your baby is still resisting, Suzy has an exceptionally high success rate to date so do contact Suzy. With her expert guidance, it won’t be long before your baby is mixed feeding or bottle feeding, that choice is always yours and Suzy respects your choices!