TOP TIPS for successful Potty Training

  1. Be well prepared: This is not a good time to get upset if your little one leaks onto the soft furnishings because you definitely don’t want him to feel scared or ashamed whilst learning this important life skill.If you are going to let your little one run around without a nappy on, you have to expect some accidents.  This may even happen on your soft furnishings. To avoid getting stressed about this, it’s best to either use some absorbent bed mats for protection or cut up a plastic dustbin bag and cover it with old towels. That way, you won’t have stained furniture as a reminder in years to come.
  2. Use easy clothing: Clothes that are easy to pull up and down are the best; avoid fiddly zips and buttons. It’s best to have clothing that is easy to wash and dry. You will be needing quite a few sets of clothing. Make a fun game, getting dressed and undressed so that it becomes fun, easier and ‘normal’ to do it independently of your help.
  3. Get your child involved: Let him choose his own pants and do practice runs of wearing them in the house for short periods of time to get used to the way they feel.
  4. Choose a potty: Let your child choose a potty if you’re going to use one. Keep it in the bathroom and let them practice sitting on it. You might want to have more than one potty to begin with. If you’re using a children’s toilet seat, let your child choose it.  Give your little one a footstool to help support him when he is on the loo.
  5. Get into a routine: Don’t ask your child if he needs a wee or a poo because at the start he probably won’t know what this really means. Call it something like ‘potty time’ or ‘toilet time’.
  6. Be generous with your praise: For each little step such as sitting on the potty, washing hands and getting dressed.
  7. Patience is paramount: Potty training is a brand new skill and learning takes time and practice with a few mistakes along the way. Don’t be surprised if there are lots of accidents to start with. It also takes lots of adult patience and you will be rewarded if the time is right!

If you have tried for a week or so and you are not convinced after your child is ready after all, just stop potty training, make no reference to it and have another go in a few weeks. Would you like to check whether your infant really is ready? Suzy can check whether your little one is ready to leave the world of nappies:  30 minute ‘Potty ready’ service