Decoding your new baby’s unique cries, is it really possible?

It is so empowering when you automatically understand your baby’s demands in those early days. It allows you to respond correctly to your baby and you can calm him down. It restores happiness and serenity in the home.

So let’s talk about each cry individually.

1. Have you ever heard your baby cry ‘neh, neeh, neeeeeh?’
If you have then I suspect he is getting hungry and it’s time to settle down for a feed.

2. Have you ever heard your baby sound like a ‘creaking door’ or a dysfunctioning machine, particularly when he is lying down?
If you have then it’s most probably a gassy issue so pick him up and gently wind him.

3. Have you heard your baby make a lower toned “Ow, Oow, Oooow” ?
If you have and he has been awake for a while, it’s a cry that says “I’m tired’ and it’s time to settle him down for a nap without delaying it any further.

4. Have you ever heard your baby make short ‘eh, eh, eh’ ?
If you have then it’s most likely that your baby needs to do a poo! Try a little gentle cycling of his legs without a nappy on to help him along…Be careful! Don’t stand in the firing line because it sometimes comes out in a ‘custard and mustard’ volcano!

There are many more signs when a young baby is trying to communicate his physical and emotional needs.  If you would like to learn more, Suzy shares her knowledge gained from over 30 years working with 1,000 or more babies worldwide. She can expand further on the subject of interpreting your baby’s cries giving you the confidence to respond correctly.