Early morning wakings getting you down?

anything to get him to sleep longer so what’s wrong?

Suzy’s first tip: The room needs to be as dark as it is when it’s the middle of the night. Cracks of light will encourage your little one to be awake and stay awake.
Suzy’s second tip: Is your child waking early because he is being unintentionally ‘rewarded’ when he wakes by a cuddle in your bed? Toddlers, in particular, are notorious for this and secretly, who can blame them. If it has been less than 11 hours since your little one went to sleep then this needs to be treated as a night time waking.  Encourage your child to go back to sleep in their cot or bed.
Suzy’s third tip: Could your child be overtired? Contrary to what is often suggested on forums, an earlier bedtime will usually help as one of the main causes of early morning waking is over-tiredness. This is more often the case than a baby or child being ‘under-tired’.
Suzy’s fourth tip: What time is the daytime nap or naps? If not spaced correctly it may be that the sleep situation is perpetuated because the first nap is so early that your infant wakes, has breakfast and goes straight back to bed. It’s a bit like if you wake up, have a midnight feast and go back to bed. The body clock is also regulated by food so your body expects the food and sleep at the same time and continues to request that sleep-feed-sleep pattern.

If your infant is waking too early and it’s having a negative effect on the rest of your day, Suzy suggests the Quick Response or  Online Consultation packages